Versatile split type DC current sensors

The SWL-DC current sensor series of PEWATRON is ideally suitable for current measurement of auxiliary battery currents in trains, fuel cells, photovoltaic systems or even electric vehicles inverter systems. The high quality split type sensor can be easily added to almost any existing installation without any difficulty. The sensor has 15 cm wire leads for connection and an integrated wire stopper to ensure safe and quick installation in the factory or field. 

The SWL-DC series measures DC current as well as AC/DC mixed currents up 10 KHz. It is available in the standard measurement ranges of 5 A, 50 A, 100 A, 200 A, and 500 A. All the SWL-DC range of products has standardized supply voltages of ±12 VDC and an output of ±4 VDC. The overall compact dimensions, a wide bandwidth of DC to 10 KHz and an accuracy of ±1 % make the SWL-DC series a very versatile product. 

For high performance AC current measurement the SWL AC range of products is available with the same housing and the same high quality.

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