PHPS-7500 OEM Ceramic Pressure Sensor – Suitable for harsh environment and wet-wet applications

The PHPS-7500 is an OEM pressure sensor for gases and liquids. Each individual sensor is calibrated, temperature-compensated and amplified using the programmable ASIC. The total accuracy of typically 0.75% over the whole temperature range from 0…70° C, the 5 V supply, the ratiometric output signal of 0.5…4.5 VDC, and the digital I2C interface make a great number of applications possible where pressure measurements of many types of aggressive gases and fluids are to be made. The PHPS-7500 is a differential pressure sensor. The minimum measurement range is 0…100 mbar and the maximum measurement range is 7 bar.

The PHPS-7500 is a new generation of ceramic pressure sensors made with low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology and a patented sensor construction solution. The pressure sensor element is made with LTCC technology using piezoresistive principle to detect the pressure. The LTCC material is compatible with many types of aggressive media like water, hydraulic oils, diesel and others, which makes the sensor suitable for pressure measurements in harsh environments. Special protection of the piezoresistors also makes this sensor suitable for wet-wet applications.

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