Development of a new portable humidity and temperature measurement system for the climatic profiling of ovens used in the industrial production of baked goods

The all-new development of the PHTM-3H-7T has made it possible to measure and record the temperature and humidity of baking chambers for the first time – parameters that are so crucially important during the baking process.

Operators of industrial baking lines are under immense pressure to achieve consistent quality. Increasingly, they need to be in a position to document and verify process parameters. What's more, the way equipment is used needs to be adaptable, i.e. different products are often baked in quick succession, all with varying parameters. The changeovers need to be as quick as possible. Detailed knowledge of baking curves means that these changeover times can be optimised or the daily production flow can be adjusted accordingly in order to increase efficiency.

On top of this, more and more fixed probes are being installed. It is important to have detailed knowledge of the baking process in order to position these probes correctly.

The PHTM, which uses an insulated data logger to simultaneously record three measurement curves for humidity and seven for temperature, allows the user to accurately capture and analyse the parameters that are so crucial to the baking process. All sensors can be distributed variably over the probe carrier, according to the task at hand. With regular use, the PHTM also helps identify possible damage in the system early on and remedy it directly. 

Recordings are stopped and started very easily on a laptop or by using the smartphone app. Evaluations are then carried out on a laptop. Measurement values can also be saved to the cloud to allow others to analyse them.

Pewatron provides knowledgeable support on site and carries out temperature and humidity measurements as part of the service. 

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