Piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensors PKD18 and PKD15 for water and aggressive media applications.

The PKD18/PKD15 OEM pressure sensor series is specifically designed for process and medical applications, as well as industrial applications such as pneumatics and hydraulics. For these applications water or aggressive materials must be measured at low pressures (less than 1 bar) or high pressures up to 600 bar.

The PKD18/PKD15 pressure sensor series is built with alumina, high-grade ceramic, which has a superior resistance towards aggressive gases and fluids, and with a diameter of only 18 mm (PKD18) and 15 mm (PKD15) it is very well suited for tight space applications.

The PKD18-611 model features a monolithic pressure cell, meaning the entire pressure sensor cell is manufactured from a single ceramic piece with the piezoresistors printed directly onto the monolith membrane. The monolith also has solid peripheral walls to protect the sensitive membrane against mechanical forces if other materials come into contact with the monolith.

The PKD18-511 model on the other hand uses a flush diaphragm mounted over the monolith as the active membrane. The flush diaphragm design has the advantage of flattening the overall sensor construction. That makes the unit ideal for measuring liquids and gasses where small dimensional changes in the flow direction can change the mixing rate or the chemical reaction speed. The PKD15-516 model featuring a 15 mm version of the PDK18 cell is also an excellent choice for fluid or gas pressure monitoring in flow systems.

The sensors feature extended temperature compensation as-standard, ensuring a standard accuracy (depending on the measurement range) of under 0.5 % over a wide temperature range of 0° C to 85° C. The sensors can be used in temperatures ranging from -40° C to 135° C.

In addition to calibrated and compensated high-accuracy PKD pressure sensors with analog, ratiometric (0.5 V to 4.5 V) output, PEWATRON also offers uncompensated pressure sensors. These are delivered with pins, integrated solder pads or leads for maximum user flexibility.

All our products are manufactured to meet the most stringent Swiss quality standards. Prompt delivery is guaranteed, and we do accommodate special requests.

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