Piezoresistive low pressure silicion sensor

For water or aggressive media

The PSD18-410 series is optimally suited for applications where water or even aggressive media must be measured at low pressures starting at 0 - 100 mbar or at pressures up to 7 bar.

The PSD18-410 is an oil-filled stainless steel sensor. With a diameter of just 18 mm, it is very compact and is especially useful in areas where precise measurements are required even when space is very limited.
The sensor is delivered with either a bridge or temperature compensation and thereby achieves accuracy of < ±0.75 to ± <1% depending on the measurement range.
Silicon oil is used as the fill fluid. On request or if regulations require it, the sensors can also be filled with other oils, such as those that are compatible with foodstuffs in accordance with the FDA. The housing and membranes are made of high-quality stainless steel. Electrical connections for the uncompensated sensor are made with either 60-mm flexible leads or using solder pads. The compensated pressure sensor is equipped with a 3-pole JST socket. On request, we can also include an O-ring made of FKM or another rubber material.

All manufacturing takes place in Europe and is subject to the most stringent quality standards. Prompt delivery is guaranteed, and we can also accommodate special requests.

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