PrimIR: Fast responding and high resolution carbon dioxide sensor module

T90 ~ 0.5 seconds and sample volume < 2 ml made possible

Pewatron has released a new fast responding carbon dioxide sensor module with a very high potential for instance in medical and food inspection applications. Capnography is an example of a medical application (i.e. the monitoring of carbon dioxide in the respiratory gases), where the response time of the sensor is important in order to make quantitative and qualitative statements about the state of the person being tested. For food inspection, the sample volume is of importance for food packages containing small controlled atmosphere volumes. Also, having to extract only a small volume for the gas analysis brings an advantage on quantity of  food packages that can be controlled in a batch.

The PrimIR CO2 module is configured in a range between 0 and 5 % O2 or 0 and 20 % CO2. The sensor output is a simple UART interface, which can easily read-out using serial communication protocols such as the RS-485. 

The PrimIR sensor is configured in a forced flow configuration with connectors for hosing. The flow design has been optimized in order to facilitate high speed measurement independent of the flow rate and low total volume footprint. The gas volume required for an accurate measurement is below 2 ml and the sensor has a T90 response below 0.5 seconds in a flow range from 500 ml/min and upwards.

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