High performance potentiometric zirconia oxygen OEM module

Highest signal resolution among any oxygen sensing technologies

Zirconia based potentiometric oxygen sensors are known for their large dynamic range and very high resolution. They are by far the best option for in-line gas sensing of oxygen concentrations in a very wide range of concentrations and for many different applications. The applications range from gas mixing in chemical plants to spot check measurements in food packages. For nitrogen and oxygen generators, the oxygen concentration is often checked in a pressure-less bypass using in-line gas sensors.

Pewatron has developed a potentiometric, zirconia based oxygen sensor module, PZA-MC25-P, which can measure in a wide range of the oxygen concentrations and where the measurement range can be changed during the process. The standard product has two measurement ranges; 0…1000 ppm O2 & 0…25 %Vol O2, but the measurement range can be configured between 0…1 ppm (and lower) and up to 0…100 %Vol O2. The A19-P sensor head has two process connections. The inlet connection is ¼” in size and the outlet connection is 3/8”. This construction make the sensor more rugged against sudden pressure changes coming for instance from valves and pumps.

The PZA-MC25 standard module has many features – some of which are mandatory for the operation of the sensor and some of which are helpful to the customer in integrating the OEM module and a given machine interface. The PZA electronics controls the temperature of the sensor and prevents overheating and temperature shocks that can otherwise be harmful to the sensor. The PZA built-in controller handles the signal conditioning and signal conversion. The output signal from the PZA electronics is 4-20 mA and up to two alarm levels can be set in the electronics. In addition, the PZA electronics has a switch, so that two measurement ranges can be covered with only one module and on-the-fly (so-to-speak).

The PZA-MC25 standard OEM module has two standard measurement ranges, 0…1000 ppm with sub-ppm resolution and 0…25 %Vol O2 with a resolution < 1 ppm for oxygen concentrations below 1000 ppm. Customer specific measurement ranges can be defined between 0…1 ppm and 0…100 %Vol O2. The sensor module is easy to operate and easy to integrate into machines and cabinets. Included in the package is an Android App making it possible via a Bluetooth connection to visualize the data, to make small adjustments to the module and to perform calibration cycles for the sensor. The App is extremely useful in the sense that it gives a quick access to data and it provide means of interacting with the module and the sensor without having to remove the sensor or the electronics from the application. Also included in the package is a PC software that can be used to analyze and save data in any known format.

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