Compact calibrated 2000A Current sensing busbar probe

Custom design for OEM-applications

The Raztec RAZP-2000 sensor is a compact, high current, open loop current sensor, capable of operating under high overload and ambient temperature conditions. It is specifically designed for use in applications where small size is critical and current is to be measured economically. It mounts through a 6.5 or 7.5mm diameter hole in the current carrying bus bar. The RAZP-2000 incorporates hybrid technology to assure excellent speed of response for the fast detection of fault current transients. The sensor is optimized for linearity over the entire current range. There is also negligible hysteresis which makes current sensing over a wide dynamic range practical. It is rated for common automotive temperature ranges with very stable performance parameters that set a new benchmark for open-loop current sensors. The RAZP-2000 is configurable for a wide range of bus-bar sizes and current ratings and is adapted every time to the specific project application for an optimal result. Please contact us with your technical requirements.

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