SGX-4 and EC4: new 4 series electrochemical cells for industrial gas emission analysis

Pewatron has released its new 4 series of electrochemical cells (EC) for measuring and analysing toxic industrial gases. With a diameter of 20 and featuring three- or four-electrode cell setups with a reference electrode to increase sensor response at higher gas concentrations, the 4 series from SGX Sensortech conforms to industry standards.

The 4 series range from SGX focuses on the most important industrial toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen monoxide/dioxide. They can also detect chlorine and chlorine oxide. The product range also includes sensors for other gases such as hydrogen, ethylene oxide and phosphine, as well as a new dual carbon monoxide/hydrogen sulphide 4-electrode sensor with very low cross-sensitivity to other gases. Furthermore, the 4 series of EC gas sensors features oxygen sensors with a very long operational lifetime of up to four years.

Electrochemical sensors for toxic gasses and oxygen are increasingly being recognised as a key product for monitoring and reducing industrial gas emissions and ensuring safety in installations involving the use of toxic gasses. The sensors in the 4 series are well suited for portable analysers due to their size and weight.

Standard measurement ranges for the SGX 4 series are referenced to the threshold limit value (TLV) for the gas in question; i.e. levels to which it is believed a worker can be exposed on a daily basis for a working lifetime without suffering any adverse health effects, as well as short spot and absolute exposure limits that should not be exceeded at any time. The carbon monoxide EC4 sensors have two ranges: 0…500 ppm and 0…2000 ppm. The phosphine EC sensors also have two ranges, 0…20 ppm and 0…1000 ppm, as does the sensor for chlorine dioxide, a highly toxic gas (0…1 ppm and 0… 50 ppm). 

Please contact Pewatron for a complete list of 4 series sensors and their individual range capabilities. 

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