Slim Contactless angle sensor CP-1HX

Ideal for small space

The CP-1Hx is a new contactless angle sensor developed for small space constraints, with a body thickness of only 4.4 mm.

It is particularly well suited for humanoid robots, personal mobility devices, for measuring the angle of hip joint in exoskeletons,  As a special variant, a touchless version comprising a separate magnet unit is available on request, which can be used for measuring the flap angle of a valve in a flowmeter.

It is proposed in 2 shaft versions: with integrated Ø6mm shaft, either D-cut or with double-side flat. The angular range can be chosen from 50° up to 360°, with single or dual output, this with a good absolute linearity of +/-2%. Electrical output signals are either 5V ratiometric or PWM, with high ESD immunity and electrical field immunity EMI.

Technical details:

  • Slim size hall effect angular sensor
  • Projected body height only 4.4mm
  • Range 50° up to 360°
  • Output 5V ratiometric or PWM
  • Absolute linearity of ±2% FS
  • Ø6mm Shaft with either D-cut or double-sided flat profile
  • Separate touchless magnet unit available on demand
  • High ESD and EMS protection

Product details

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