Slim MEMS Dual axis inclinometer THD2000Z Vibration resistant with zero resetting card

The THD2000Z is a new MEMS dual axis inclinometer developed for applications in environment with vibrations, and small space contraints, with sensor housing 10mm thick only.

It comprises a programmable digital damping control with 16 selectable time constants, allowing to choose the best combination of noise suppression and sensor response time. The sensing element has no resonant point, thus making the inclinometer impervious to vibrations. Additionally, it comprises a user friendly zero setting with either a user-settable adjustment card USAC, that is applied in the field on the sensor housing without electrical connection, or the RS485 interface.

The sensor offer’s a high absolute linearity of ±1% full scale, and output signals either 5V ratiometric or RS485 bus.

Technical details:

  • Slim size dual axis inclinometer
  • Range ±10° up to ±60°
  • Output 5V ratiometric or RS485 bus
  • Absolute linearity of ±1% FS
  • User friendly USAC (zero setting card) without electrical connection
  • Damping control with 16 selectable time constants

Product details

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