SQ Level – measure fill levels without contact or interference

Many applications (such as in the food industry) require fill level measurements in liquid containers without contact or interference. The fill level sensor SQ Level distributed by Pewatron is based on the modern ultrasound measurement technology developed by SonoQ GmbH. The combination of state-of-the-art technologies allows fill levels in tanks and containers to be measured without opening or damaging them.

The system comprises an ultrasound sensor head and the corresponding evaluation electronics. There are two different versions of the sensor head. The dry-coupling sensor head is pressed against the bottom of the container, allowing the container to be changed without additional equipment, e.g. for changeable disposable containers. The second sensor head is fixed to the outside of the container using an adhesive.  The fill level can be accurately determined by measuring the ultrasound runtime between the bottom and the reflecting liquid level, even in foaming liquids.

SQ Level enables continuous measurements and is easy to integrate and parameterise. Customer-specific adjustments for OEM applications are also possible. An evaluation kit is available as well.

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