Stainless steel sensors from 0...350 mbar

Newer, smaller and more cost-effective

The new stainless steel sensors from Measurement Specialities are ideal for measuring pressures from 0…350 mbar to 35 bar. Their compactness and attractive prices are sure to impress. Model 85 (weldable) and model 86 (O-ring fitting) offer reliable precision in the compensated range of 0…50°C with a non-linearity of ±0.1 %.

All gases compatible with stainless steel 316L are suitable as a medium. Silicon oil is used to transfer the pressure from the stainless steel membrane to the piezoresistive measuring element. The laser-trimmed temperature and offset compensation is soldered onto a ceramic substrate. The strength of an external differential amplifier can be set using an additional laser-adjusted resistor, and a measurement range alignment of up to ±1 % can be achieved. Various pressure connectors such as G ¼”, 1/8” or ¼” NPT as well as special mounting elements are available.

Typical applications are pressure, flow and liquid level measurements in process control systems, medical devices, calibration instruments, etc.

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View Datasheet 

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