The AAM38F multiturn optical encoder

High accuracy in an ultra-compact design

Pewatron is launching ELTRA's new AAM38F multiturn encoder with a cutting-edge energy harvesting technology. This blind hollow shaft encoder offers excellent performance and durability in a compact, miniaturized package with only a 38 mm diameter. Leveraging ground-breaking optical sensor technology, this new generation of encoder delivers an extraordinarily high 23 bit single turn resolution with an additional 16 bits of multiturn resolution.

Thanks to Wiegand  energy harvesting technology, the AAM38F powers itself and requires no batteries or gears for counting the number of turns. Designed for use with robotics or CNC machines, this encoder's modern BiSS-C interface continuously transmits status data. The interface also allows you to expand the range of communication protocols, reducing the number of necessary connections. The zero reset can be performed in any position, meaning installation is simpler than ever. Featuring a blind hollow shaft diameter of up to 8 mm and mounted stator coupling, the unit can also operate at an astonishingly wide range of temperatures from -20°C to +105°C.

For the best in trail-blazing encoders, you can always rely on Pewatron.

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