The B3-Gas sensor module Basic EVO refrigerant

Infrared detection principle for accurate and reliable measurements of refrigerant gases

Gas sensors based on non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption offer decisive advantages compared with electrochemical and catalytic sensors. The sensor principle exploits the quality of gases and absorbs infrared radiation at a specific, characteristic wavelength. The sensors work very selectively and display almost no cross-sensitivities to other gases. In contrast to other gas sensors, the module is extremely durable. The smartMODUL BASIC EVO Series is available for different types of gases – including refrigerants commonly used in cooling systems.

Commonly used refrigerants include among others R134a, R404a, R507, R410a, R22, R134a, R407a/c, R1234yf/ze, R123, R125, R290 and R744, some of which are highly dangerous gases and they pose a high threat to the environment; i.e. they have high global warming potential (GWP). A number of statutory regulations have been agreed upon in the recent years to restrict use of high GWP gases in cooling system use and/or to minimize escape of high GWP gases. For example, cooling systems that contain the most popular refrigerant, R404a, cannot be sold after 2020 and existing systems must be inspected regularly for emissions by certified personnel. The inspection interval depends on the amount of refrigerant used and is usually three months for larger cooling systems. The prescribed inspection interval can be twice as long if a leakage detection system is installed that is able to detect any refrigerant leaks and activate an alarm. The smartMODUL BASIC EVO series module is ideally suited for use in such leakage detection systems. False alarms, which may occur with other sensors, are eliminated due to the high selectivity of the verification procedure. The sensor module is available for specific gases (13 high GWP gases in total), but is also available as a broad-band sensor covering 8 gases in one sensor (R134a, R125, R404a, R407a, R410a, R448a, R449a, R407f and R513a). The sensor module is not much larger than a matchbox and can thus be very easily integrated in a wide range of applications. Modbus ASCII or RTU data communication offer a variety of options to connect the smartMODUL BASIC EVO sensor to a controller. Atmospheric pressure compensation, on board status LED, temperature compensation, low drift, ready to use calibration, a wide range of different gases and measurement ranges - all that makes the smartMODUL BASIC EVO sensor the best choice also for your application and helps to save time and costs with design in. It is suitable for monitoring ambient air in cold storage areas and for leakage detection systems in cooling systems.

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