The digital pressure sensor MIS-3600

An intelligent pressure sensor for medical and air-conditioning systems

The MIS-3600 differential pressure sensor is an intelligent piezoresistive pressure sensor with an integrated ASIC. The signal-conditioned ASIC contains a 16-bit AD converter with integrated 512-bit OTP memory.

The sensor is calibrated and temperature-compensated in our factory, and all relevant values and factors are stored in the OTP memory so that the raw data are easily accessible with an external microprocessor, allowing you to integrate the sensor optimally into your process. The MIS-3600 can be ordered with either an SPI or I2C interface. 

Because our customers know the benefits of low power usage, the MIS-3600 needs only 2-3.6 V; further, it measures just 15x17 mm and fits neatly even into tight corners. 

We currently supply sensors in the 0-70, 400, and 1000 mbar range, bipolar or unipolar. All non-corrosive gases are suitable as the measurement medium for this sensor. 

The sensors are ideal for use in air-conditioning systems, in pneumatic drive controls and for medical use in respiration monitoring.

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