The new 52A and 52D differential pressure series:

small, attractively priced, for direct integration into products

The new 52A (analogue) and 52D (digital) differential pressure series is very compact (13 mm x 8 mm) and designed for direct integration into products by means of O-ring manifold assembly. Thanks to the simple sensor design with a small number of components, the sensor is very attractively priced. Measurement ranges from 2 mbar up to 7 bar and supply voltages from 2.7 to 5.5 V are available. The digital version has a 16 bit I2C output (14 bit ENOB) with a sampling rate of 1 kHz. The analogue output is ratiometric. The accuracy is 0.25% FS, +1LSB, at 25°C and may vary depending on the pressure range. The sensor is compensated in a temperature range of -20°C to 70°C. Other ranges are possible on request. To sum it up, Pewatron’s new differential pressure series makes it possible to achieve very compact, low-cost final products due to the attractive pricing as well as the reduction in assembly costs thanks to direct integration into products or assemblies.

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