The PZA-MC potentiometric oxygen transmitter;

reliable oxygen sensing from low ppm concentrations and up to 100%


Reliable oxygen concentration measurements are important in controlled atmosphere (CA) applications, where the outcome of certain processes are dependent of the oxygen content in the process environment (normally a closed chamber). For example, in additive manufacturing of metal 3D work pieces, residual ppm level oxygen control is crucial in order to obtain the required mechanical properties of 3D metal structures build for instance in titanium or aluminum. Most oxygen sensors or transmitters for CA applications often have an additional function to the control of the atmosphere. They are also often used as safety sensors either to secure enough oxygen in the process equipment between runs, or to make sure that potential explosive processes are allowed to be started by allowing start-of-the-process only when the oxygen concentration is below a certain safe level. The Pewatron PZA-MC potentiometric oxygen transmitter cover all combined CA and safety applications in the range from < 1 ppm and up to 100% oxygen in one sensor only. As opposed to other potentiometric oxygen sensors and transmitters, the working temperature of the PZA-MC transmitter allow for mounting in small and large process chambers without the sensor head temperature influencing the chamber temperature.

The PZA-MC sensor head can be screw-mounted directly in a process chamber or can be fed via hoses and pumps by using a specially designed flow housing. The working range for the transmitter is between 1 ppm and 100% oxygen and the output signal is 4-20 mA (2-wire). In order to have the maximum signal-to-noise ratio for the 4-20 mA output signal, the transmitter is calibrated in two ranges and there is switch between the two ranges. The transmitter also has a Bluetooth interface, which can be used to control and calibrate the sensor from the outside using the Pad that comes with delivery and the preinstalled PZA-MC Application on the Pad.

The PZA-MC transmitter completes the range of Pewatron sensors for CA applications. The line-up with three basic different transmitter technologies cover all known requirements within CA applications. The line-up consists of two amperometric, electrolytic based oxygen sensing types and one potentiometric, solid-state based type. All three types offer reliable and long-life sensor solutions for demanding applications. The different sensor types can also be combined in applications where there is need for redundancy in the control system for the application.

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