The SGX-SureCO: 2-electrode carbon monoxide gas sensor for HVAC applications

Low output drift, long lifetime and no or little cross interference with other gasses

Pewatron is pleased to present the SGX-SureCO electrochemical cell from SGX Sensortech, a company with extensive experience in the development of gas sensor products. The SGX-SureCO carbon monoxide sensor is designed for HVAC applications, where it is expected that the sensor lifetime is very long and the long-term output drift is minimized. This to ensure stability and long operation hours without having to calibrate or change the sensor.

  • Measurement range 0…1000 ppm CO
  • 2-electrode electrochemical sensor
  • Long life cycle; > 60 months and warranty of 60 months
  • Perfect also for hand-held analysers and battery-powered transmitters. 
  • Sensor element footprint: average 20 x 16.5 mm
  • Extremely low long-term output drift at less than 5 % per year
  • No or very little cross interference with hydrogen, nitric oxide, sulphur containing gasses and hydrocarbons

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