Two new series of Hall Effect based angular sensors available in many different electrical, mechanical and output configurations.

We have introduced two new series of hall effect based angular sensors for applications in mobile machines, medical system and laboratory equipment, measurement instruments, manufacturing and many other industrial, agricultural and renewable energy applications. 

PB series:  Hall Effect based, 22, 36 and 50 mm diameter, metal housings and ball bearings for applications requiring an extended lifetime or low torque. 

PP series:  Hall Effect based, 25 and 30 mm diameter, plastic housing and plain bearings for low cost and less demanding type of applications.

In the design of both series, we focused on high performance, high quality and low cost.

The angular sensors are available in many different and easy to configure variants, which are both affordable at low quantities and very price competitive at higher quantities. Due to the modular design, these angular sensors are easy to configure and therefore samples are available on short notice.


  • Output: Analog, incremental, SPI, SSI
  • Angle: 0 – 360° programmable in different variants
  • Output Signal: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, PWM, 5V,24V, Open Collector, SPI, SSI
  • Supply Voltage: 5V, 9-30V, 15-30V
  • Programming options: angle, direction, zero point, PWM, 2 channel
  • Mounting options: flange, kit, bushing, screw, servo
  • Connect Options: terminal block, 3 or 5 pin connectors, cable
  • Accessories: Plastic Coupling, Set Screw Fitting, COF Type
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