US Digital E4P & S4 Miniature Encoders

Now Available with Differential Output

The US Digital miniature E4P optical kit encoder and the S4 optical shaft encoder are now available with differential output option. Differential encoder outputs are recommended for cable runs over a few meters in length and also provide maximum electrical noise immunity for applications subjected to electromagnetic interference.

The E4P is the hollow bore version for shaft diameters 1.5 to 6 mm. It has 100 to 360 cycles/revolution and is simple to mount with a push-on hubdisk.

The S4 is the shaft version encoder which is available with ball bearings for motion control applications, or static drag to feel like a potentiometer for front-panel manual interface.

The E4P can be widely used in applications requiring low cost, small and easy to mount encoders for motor feedback, like vending machines, banknotes control units, laboratory equipment, handling machines and turnstile control.

Customized and standard products are delivered with short lead times. E4P is available on PEWATRON's online shop. 

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