Plug & Play Module
Device type
No. of axes
Angular range [±°/s]
Acceleration [±g]
Measuring range
490 °/s, 10 g
In-Band quiescent noise
0.15 °/s rms, 2.3 mg
Bias over temperature
± 20 °/h rms, 5 mg
Bias instability
0.1 °/hr, 0.015 mg
Supply voltage [VDC]
5 ... 36
Silicon Sensing
Product description

DMU30 is a full six-degree-of-freedom inertial measurement unit providing precise 3-axis outputs of angular rate and acceleration, delta angle and velocity, and temperature, at 200Hz.

DMU30 is the first of a new family of High Performance MEMS IMUs (HPIMU) incorporating precision VSG3QMAX high-Q inductive resonating ring gyroscopes and capacitive accelerometers.

DMU30 represents a realistic alternative to established FOG/RLG based IMUs due to its exceptional bias stability and low noise characteristics, yet it is comparatively compact, lightweight and offers low cost of ownership.

Designed specifically to meet the growing demand from high-end commercial and industrial market applications for a ‘tactical’ grade non-ITAR IMU, DMU30 utilises Silicon Sensing’s class leading MEMS inertial sensors integrated and calibrated using an in-house state-of-the-art test facility.

HPIMU development takes advantage of Silicon Sensing’s wide-ranging multi sensor technologies

in a unique architecture to achieve a highly versatile IMU design. Future developments will feature GPS, magnetic and ambient pressure sensing, north finding and AHRS functions.

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