Case Ø [mm]
Shaft & bore Ø [mm]
2.36, 3.175, 9.52, 11.2
Temp. range [°C]
-40 to +100
US Digital
Product description

US Digital offers a wide variety of standard rotary encoder disks. They may be ordered as a stand alone disk (see below) or as a hub disk (see the Disks page). These rotary encoder disks are made from mylar polyester film. This material allows for a wide temperature range. DISK-1 has an outer diameter (OD) of 1''. We recommend that the shaft or hub diameter the disk is designed to fit be .001'' to .002'' larger than the disk hole diameter (ID). This gives an interference fit that ensures disk concentricity. The drawings shown represent our standard disks. The maximimum allowed RPM of the disk is typically limited by the maximum output frequency of the encoder module. The maximum allowed RPM is calculated as follows: Max. RPM = (60 * Fmax) / CPR Where Fmax = maximum encoder module output frequency and CPR is the Cycles per Revolution of the disk. Only the No Index, EM1 Compatible option (NE) is available with the 32 CPR option. Other resolutions are available with or without an index track. Mechanical alignment drawings for optical encoder rotary disks and optical encoder modules are available.

Now with 4 times the resolution: 2000 to 5000 cycles per revolution

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