Plug&Play Module
Measuring range
± 0 - 360
No. of axes
Output signal
RS232/ RS485, modbus
Input voltage [VDC]
5.5 to 30
Temp. range [°C]
-10 to 70
0.03 % FS
Bandwidth [Hz]
8 Hz
0.003 % FS
US Digital
Product description

The T7 is now IP68 rated.


The T7 is a solid state absolute inclinometer that senses tilt angles over a full 360° range in a single axis. The T7 incorporates a number of breakthroughs to create a new type of inclinometer that is rugged, compact, fast, flexible and easy to use.


The T7 is available in several interface and protocol options. The physical interface can be RS232 or RS485 . The protocol can be either US Digital's serial protocol or Modbus RTU. The RS232 version supports a single T7 with up to 100 ft of cable. For users that need longer cable lengths or multiple T7s on a single bus, the RS485 version supports up to 32 T7s on the bus. Power for each T7 is supplied over the network cable.


The Modbus RTU version is suitable for users that require an industry standard, open protocol. The host may access each T7 on the bus using standard Modbus read/write register function codes.


The T7 calculates tilt angle (inclination) by sensing the acceleration from solid state accelerometers integrated into a monolithic chip. Gravity, centrifugal forces, and linear speed changes are all forms of acceleration. The T7 will report the mathematically calculated tilt angle based on all sensed acceleration(s).


The serial port interface provides an efficient way to read and write data to a network of T7s. All configurations and parameters are stored in nonvolatile memory. A Windows demo application is provided for displaying the angles and temperature as well as setting operating modes, orientation, zero position, damping / averaging time, direction, and more for every T7 on the network. In addition, a Windows DLL gives the user a set of simple functions to read and write data to a network of T7s.


Typical applications include heavy construction equipment, dredging machinery, mining equipment, solar tracking and warehouse automation.

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